by Macchina

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released November 20, 2013



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Macchina São Paulo, Brazil

Band formed in 2011 by musicians interested in making a quality sound, no-frills, with heavy weight and punch.
Anderson Mattiello (guitar/vocals), Felipe Microfone (bass guitar) and Caio Imperato (drums) uses the classic line-up Power Trio to extract maximum heavy-weight and energy of their instruments, making a raw sound, direct and without frills.
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Track Name: I Came Here To Win
Oh yeah
Many rules to follow
And I just want to move
I don't care what they say about me
I just want them to fuck up

All right
Many doors to open
'Cos you have to get what you want
I just want to live my life
And let the rest get screwed up

I go ahead whithout looking back
I get what I want, 'cos I came here to win
Track Name: You Are Inside My Soul
Never in my life
I though I could feel so good
And like a miracle
You appeared to me

Forever, me and you, side by side
I say, “what do you know?”
You are inside my soul

Show me your secrets
I'll take you whereaver you want
To see her smile
Makes my day
Track Name: Macchina
Full speed ahead
Screaming on the road
Tires burning
Grinding the fucking ground
Wind on my hair
Passing too fast
Looking in one direcion
Driving 'till death

Feeling the power of speed
This sensation gives me all I need

Walking through the earth
Blessed by the sun
Tripping to new places
Blessed by the moon
Making new friends
Stoned every day
The sun is shining now
It's time to hit the road

It never stops
Don't judge me
The road is my playground
It never stops
Don't judge me
I'll drive 'till my last breath
Track Name: Starting Over
Pain of separation
A friendship torn apart
Doubts and anxiety
Leaving everything behind

Look forward and try again
This is not an end, Starting Over

Lost, a lost bet
Lives, lives divided
New, a new beginning
Picking up my pieces
Track Name: Alive
Strenght! Get strenght!
'Cos it drives you insane
Faith! Get faith!
'Cos it moves you forward
Balance!Get the balance!
And drop the bowl
Take the decision right now
Move your ass and do it

No fear, yes that it is
No time to fear
Look. Just look around, and make your choice
Everybody wants the same, but you need more
Perfection. The best trick. This is the fucking deal

Things that make my day
Fly on wheels
Trip with friends
Things that makes me feel alive
Track Name: Don't Get Stopped
Hey man, what do you think
Standing still like a dumbass
Move, don't settle
And never say I never warned you

Just think about it

Hey guy, don't get alarmed
Life is not that fuckin' easy
One day on the top, the next day you're down
You know how it is, so play the game

Don't come with this
A wrong move and you lost it
I know, you know
Motherfuckers, there is no way out
Don't get stopped
Track Name: F.Y.B
I believe in doing what is right
But I've always fucked up
I try to never hurt people
But it's never enough

What I try to do
Is clear up my brain
And I feel free, free to say
Fuck you bro

I think about moving forward
Despite this fuckin' jerks
I try to make things better
But it's never enough